Buttons and Message Boxes

With this theme, you can easily add various buttons and message boxes:


The theme supports 6 colors and 3 button sizes:

Small Buttons

Small Small Small
Small Small Small

Medium Buttons

Medium Medium Medium
Medium Medium Medium

Large Buttons

Large Large Large
Large Large Large

Message Boxes

The theme supports 5 types of message boxes:

Success Box or Tick Box
Use tick box to display a success or thank you message.
Alert Box
Use alert box to display an error message.
Info Box
Use info box to display an information message.
Download Box
Use download box to display a message with download links.
Note Box
Use note box to display any general note.

Adding Buttons

You can add a button with a single line of code below:

<a href="LINK" class="button SIZE COLOR">TEXT</a>

  • Replace LINK with the URL to point to when the button is clicked.
  • Replace SIZE with small, medium or large.
  • Replace COLOR with blue, green, red, orange, pink, gray, or grey.
  • Replace TEXT with the text to be displayed on the button.

Adding Message Boxes

You can add a message box with a single line of code below:

<div class="MESSAGE_BOX_TYPE">MESSAGE</div>

  • Replace MESSAGE_BOX_TYPE with the type of message box. Possible values are tick-box, alert-box, info-box, download-box or note-box.
  • Replace MESSAGE with the message you wish to display.